OCR Academy is Ottawa's first and only obstacle training gym.

OCR Academy is about fun. Remember running, climbing, jumping and playing as a kid? You were getting TONS of awesome exercise - and it didn't even feel like it, did it? We want you to run, jump, play - and feel like that again!

OCR Academy is about fitness. When we're fit, we're ready to meet each day and fulfill our responsibilities with focus and energy. When we're fit, not only do we survive - we thrive. Fitness is important for our bodies, for our minds, and for how we meet each day.

OCR Academy is about life. Physical fitness is integral to a healthy life. That includes being active, building mental and physical resiliency, and making healthy food choices. We work with you to build all that. We even have nutrient-dense food choices - like fresh shotgun coffee, sparkling coconut water, Kombucha, and protein-packed energy bars - at Goatberry Cafe for you. You know, just in case you get peckish post-workout.