Terms of Use

By participating in activities at OCRA, I acknowledge that anything I or my children do while we are at the OCR ACADEMY Facility may be an extreme test of my/their physical and/or mental abilities. I am not lying when I say that I/they am/are fit, because a certified medical Doctor gave us the A ok to train like a beast.I acknowledge further that training here although is awesome, does pose its own risks, not only to myself/my children but also my own property (i.e you may drop a weight on your much loved cell phone). As well someone may injure themselves and even worst case Death. So please train smart and don’t be that guy or girl, also you will not let your child be that guy or girl, and you swear that your, your child and the academy will be the same as when you arrived. As OCR Academy will not be held responsible for any injury or worst case death, by initialling you agree to this.

I acknowledge that training in OCR ACADEMY group classes can be intense, so by you signing this you accept full responsibility for yourself and your child and that we (as in OCR Academy staff, volunteers and any and all of our peeps) are not responsible for what happens to you, your child or any of your possession’s while you participate in any of our awesome classes. We love you, and want what’s best for you so hopefully none of this applies to you, but we both know stuff can happen. By initialing you the undersigned acknowledge this.

The undersigned also acknowledges that they may be photographed at any given time while training, and the OCR Academy will be using it for our awesome promo material. The undersigned can waive this at any given time. But why would you?


Are you healthy? You got a clean bill of health? Good, because these classes are intense and since that is the case you accept that there are risks associated with doing our classes. If all is good please sign below.

All of our Academics live by the rules that OCR ACADEMY set forth.

OCR ACADEMY memberships have some rules, the customer protection act states that we must refund you in full your fees within 14 days. We want to make your experience with us enjoyable. We are willing to work with you in making the best decision possible. All we gotta do is sit down and chat, but since the law requires us to write stuff down please see below:

If the cheque comes back, bro that sucks and we have been there, but a $30 NSF fee will be charged, we don’t want to but the banks charge us, and they don’t like us like we like you.

If you don’t want to be with us anymore, well that sucks bro, just give us 2 weeks’ notice and promise not to talk bad about us to friends and family.

If you are moving, we must first ask, why? Ottawa is awesome. But sometimes our work makes us move, and that’s cool you can transfer your account to someone else or simply cancel it all together.

If you become ill or injure yourself from being awesome, just get us a doctor’s note and we can put your membership on hold or if you love someone enough, they can use your membership till your awesomeness returns.

Like you, the OCR ACADEMY trainers have a life, we must plan our schedules accordingly, and we ask that you give us 24hrs notice if you can’t make an appointment. Because you wouldn’t like it if we decided not to open and not give you proper notice.

We hope you enjoyed reading this wicked cool form and you completely understand what this waiver is saying, and release from liability and policies. By signing below I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth therein. By signing below I knowingly, voluntarily and depressingly waive any claim I may have against OCR ACADEMY for injury or damages I may sustain while participating in these fitness classes and/or workshops.

​Please note that we do not use any of your personal information for anything else except to contact you directly in response to your inquiry. We take the necessary steps to make sure that your information is kept confidential. Trust us, we would not even know what to do with it anyways. We could bore you with a whole bunch of legal terminology that our legal guy wrote down, that only our legal guy could read, but essentially we take your privacy very seriously and if we have been compromised please let us know so the lawyer guy can work with the IT girl to make sure that situation is fixed.If you need to get in touch, you can find us here.

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